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The Bahamas are a chain of islands that span 500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean just south east of the United States. The Bahamas are a favorite place to go for destination weddings and honeymoons. Their economy depends largely on tourism, in fact tourist have made this area of the world very prosperous. If you choose to vacation in the Bahamas, you will have a seemingly unlimited amount of beautiful beaches and warm blue water to enjoy. When you want to explore more of what the islands have to offer why not visit the flamingoes at Inagua National Park, or explore the underwater cave system?
There are many other activities to enjoy such as golf, and gambling. They even have family friendly activities to choose from. You can get there by plane or by cruise ship. Many cruise ships stop in the Bahamas on their trek through the Caribbean Islands.

*What is the climate like*
As you can guess the climate is warm year-round with a wet season that can include the occasional hurricane. Temperatures range from 65 °F to 85 °F.

*What languages are spoken*
English is the language of the Bahamas.

*What are the best attractions*
There are many festivals to enjoy such as the Pineapple Fest, and the Crab fest; festivals are well liked attractions. There is also sailing, jet skiing, tours, and exciting night life.

*What is the favorite food of the locals*
The locals will tell you that the most delicious dishes are Souse, Guava duff, crayfish, cassava bread, and of course conch.

*What currency do they use*
Their currency is the Bahamian dollar, but you can also use the American Dollar.