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Five Reasons You Need Travel Insurance


We have all heard about travel insurance but few of us want to spend extra money to purchase it. Only when we encounter a problem during our travels can we appreciate having travel insurance. Because of the Corona Virus Thousands of travelers have faced situations that made them feel like they were in a horror film.

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Travel insurance is an insurance policy that covers you when you travel. It offers you payment and assistance when unplanned incidents take place. Things like a stolen wallet, a car accident, illness, or other unforeseen issues can ruin a trip. Travel insurance can be a lifeline during travel nightmares.


Here are five good reasons to have travel insurance:

1. Medical coverage. Your policy should cover emergency medical and dental expenses and transportation to the hospital. When you are away from home it is important to have access to proper medical care in an emergency. If you have an accident and sustain injuries, or if you become ill from the food or water you will be sure to need some kind of medical care. The medical coverage can reimburse you when you must spend money for medical emergencies.

2. Lost luggage protection. A good travel insurance policy can give you protection against lost, damaged, and stolen luggage. It would be horrible to have your luggage with your clothing and personal items stolen or damaged. You would spend your entire vacation trying to replace important items, and you would not be able to enjoy your trip.

3. Cancellations and delays. There are many reasons you might have to change your travel plans and cancel a trip. You may suddenly encounter accidents, injuries, loss of employment, sickness or even death of a loved one. Hurricanes, floods, and other inclement weather are all things that might prevent you from traveling. Most plans offer cancellation coverage for a number of covered reasons. Insurance companies may also reimburse you for unplanned expenses and additional costs for trip delay and baggage delay. 

4. Theft protection. With a travel insurance policy, you are covered in the event of theft of certain valuables, passport, or visa. If at any point during your trip you experience a theft your policy will reimburse the cost of the item that was stolen. Plans usually have a limit on how much they will pay, so it would be good to check what is covered before you take very valuable items on a trip.

5. Rental Car Accident. Having an accident while you are away from home is an unfortunate occurrence. If your rental car is damaged by collision, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, or flood, you should have the peace of mind that travel insurance offers you. With a travel insurance policy, you can be reimbursed for the costs of repairs.  

So, you see having travel insurance is very important. It can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disaster. When choosing a policy, make sure to get the very best coverage that include things like round the clock concierge services, included coverage for children 17 and under at no additional cost when accompanied by a covered adult family member, and international travel insurance. Make sure you read it carefully so that you understand what is covered and what is not.