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Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands, formerly known as the West Indies, are located south east of the United States in the Caribbean Sea. There are over 700 large and small islands which are divided into 30 territories.
Some of the more well-known Caribbean destinations include the Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominica, Barbados, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Haiti, British Virgin Islands, and Anguilla, just to name a few.
They are a hot spot for tourists because they have many attractions including tropical temperatures, sandy beaches and plenty of hotels and resorts. Activities include taking a cruise, taking a tour, water sports, or if you are on your honeymoon there are special activities designed especially for couples.
Millions of tourists take their summer vacations in the Caribbean every year.  If you have not been to the Caribbean yet, what are you waiting for, you are sure to have thrilling and exciting time.  


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