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France is a country which draws more tourists than any other country. Travelers are attracted to the sparkling ski slopes of the Alps, sunlit vineyards, and sunbaked beaches of this beautiful country. It is easy to see why this is the case given France’s great reputation for fine wines, good food, high fashion, and relaxed lifestyle. But while France is undoubtedly a place to eat and drink till your heart is content, there is much more to this fascinating country.

*what is the climate like*
The summer temperatures can be slightly hot, ranging from 60°F to 75°F. The winter brings rain, and cool temperatures in the 40's. The best time to visit is late spring into summer.

*what languages are spoken*
Although French is the official language, many people speak English.

*what are the best attractions*
Some popular attractions are Disney land, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de triomphe, Notre Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower.

*what is the favorite food of the locals*
Some of the favorite foods include Baguettes, Onion Soup, Oysters, croissant, and the Croque-Monsieur which is a sandwich made with ham, cheese, and béchamel sauce.

The currency used in France is the Euro.