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Italy, the birthplace of pasta and pizza provides a wide range of choices for travelers to experience.


 Be sure to take in the striking artwork at the museums and art galleries. Italy should be majorly discovered on foot for a thorough viewing of all the beautiful buildings and monuments.


Coaches and trains are also a good option to get to more tourist spots.

*what is the climate like*
A varied climate exists in Italy. In the southern areas there are very hot summers and not so cold winters with temperatures in the 50's. In the northern parts including the Alps, the temperature is around 32 °F in winter months. The weather is the best in spring and autumn with pleasant warm temperatures. The central and northern parts can be quite humid.

*what languages are spoken*
The majority of people in Italy speak Italian, but Albanian, Catalan, German, Greek, Slovene, Croatian, French, Franco-Provençal, Friulian, Ladin, Occitan and Sardinian are also languages spoken in Italy.

*what are the best attractions*
The best attractions in Italy are its museums and artwork. Other great attractions include the Roman Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, and the city of Venice with its famous canals.

*what is the favorite food of the locals*
Favorite foods in Italy include pizza, bottarga, lasagne, gelato, tiramisu, and focaccia.

Italy uses the Euro as its currency.