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The United States is located on the continent of North America between Canada and Mexico. It is comprised of 50 states and many cities. 
The United States offers so many beautiful places to visit, it is very difficult to decide what to see first. It is so huge and diverse it would be impossible to visit everything that it has to offer. Some of the more popular destinations include New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.
Las Vegas, Nevada is America’s adult fun capital, with many exciting things to do all day. People often come here to get married. Even-though it is a very expensive place to visit, Hawaii is a perfect spot for a honeymoon. 
Florida is a great spot for a family vacation with lots of amusement parks, and attractions to visit.
If you don't mind snow you might want to try a skiing vacation in the high mountain areas like Aspen in Colorado, the green snowy mountains of Vermont, or Big bear Lake in California.
Anywhere you chose to go, the United States of America has a lot of beautiful, unique, and fun places to visit. No matter which state you chose you can't go wrong. 

Check out our top 3 picks for a United States vacation.

Chicago, Illinois

Las Vegas, Nevada

Orlando, Florida